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The Feasibility Studies (FSs) with Scientists are part of the EPTRI project – Feasibility phase, aimed to test at different level the acceptability, feasibility and sustainability of future EPTRI.

Performing a feasibility study may be indicated when partnerships need to be established, increased, or sustained. Their main value is to produce a set of findings that help determine whether an intervention should be or not be recommended in the specific context.

Following this premise, in the EPTRI vision, FSs should demonstrate that using the large partnership set up in EPTRI and thanks to the research facilities and tools foreseen in EPTRI, the many difficulties and barriers in conducting paediatric research can be successfully overcome. In addition, FSs can help prepare for full-scale research proposals leading to successful applications and projects-related future grants. In particular for each selected study proposal it should be demonstrated the feasibility in EPTRI, in terms of available services, facilities, expertise needed for completing the study, together with an analysis of possible gaps and measures to overcome these gaps.

To conduct FSs a provisional procedure (detailed in the dedicated section of this website) has been created including two steps:

  • Step 1: Following an EPTRI coordinator call, proposals for FSs have been submitted and received an assessment from the EPTRI Advisory Board (AB) aimed to test ‘acceptability’ of the proposal on the basis of predefined precise principles.
  • Step 2: A Report on the feasibility and sustainability of the proposal will be prepared. The AB is in charge to assess the report and advise the Coordinator on it.