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Feasibility Study Process

The Feasibility Study (FS) Process encompasses 2 steps.


Step 1: FS application and Advisory Board (AB) assessment of the proposal aimed to test ‘acceptability’ of the proposal on the basis of predefined precise principles:

  • Official opening of the call for Applicants, sent by the Coordinator.
  • Evaluation of the proposal by a Rapporteur and a Co-Rapporteur, nominated by the AB Chair, on the basis of predefined principles/including criteria:
    • the proposal meets EPTRI mission and abilities;
    • the proposal is likely to be completed by the end of EPTRI project;
    • the scientific contents are valuable;
    • availability of services and facilities within EPTRI to perform the work;
    • if the opinion of the EPTRI Ethical Advisory Board is necessary;
    • which could be the interest for paediatric patients.
  • Validation of the assessment prepared by the Rapporteur and a Co-Rapporteur by the AB members
  • Transmission of the final AB assessment (document) to the EPTRI-Coordinator and to the Applicants

FS can be submitted through an electronic form available at this link.

The FS application procedure is still open and it is available also for external users.


Step 2: FS Report and assessment of the Report (for the FS positively evaluated by the AB as in line with the EPTRI scope and mission):

  • Identification of a Report Provider (more than one if needed) by the EPTRI Coordinator (acting as Central Hub), within the concerned thematic Platforms, in charge of preparing a FS Report on the feasibility and sustainability of the proposal.
  • Report contents:
    • excellence: scientific rationale and objectives/ state of the art and current gap;
    • overall approach and methodology;
    • Work Plan with a detailed description of each activity, including duration estimation, cost, EPTRI services   (centralized, integrated, common services) to be involved, other activities relevant for the project (measures to identify grants or funds, ethical assessment, plan to involve patients’ representatives);
    • impact of the proposal in terms of how the added value that the project will bring to EPTRI and the possible capacity to attract funds and new users.
  • Assessment and approval of the report by the Coordinator.