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This work package aims to develop a strategy and the tools for communication and dissemination in order to support the long-term goals of EPTRI and at the same time to contribute to generate a patient centric approach to the design of the infrastructure for the paediatric clinical research.

The specific goals are:

  1. To define a dissemination strategy of the RI for the internal and external communication, for the 2 year-project and for the Conceptual Design Report
  2. To develop the tools to give visibility to EPTRI
  3. To ensure patients’ involvement during the development of the design of EPTRI’s infrastructure and to organise networking activities and share opportunities within the scientific and layman community (including patients and parents’ organisations, advocacy groups, etc.) such us focus groups among others.

To perform dissemination activities to raise awareness on the crucial role of the paediatric research infrastructure in the European scenario.

This Work Packages is coordinated by FSJD and RAA.

The reference person for this WP is Mariangela Lupo ([email protected]).

Partners Involved

The members of this WP are: