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This work package address the conceptual work required to coherently integrate the new infrastructure into the European landscape of related facilities and to define an international governance structure and to define the procedure and criteria to choose the members of the infrastructure.

The objectives are:

  1. The laying down of the governance model describing the future paediatric RI, including the Governing Bodies, their composition and their interaction with the National Institutions and other RIs;
  2. Definition of the services offered to the community, the thematic units and the modality of access in collaboration with WP4 and the thematic WPs;
  3. Definition of an operational plan (road map) for the establishment of the required support from National Governments;
  4. Definition of a Business Plan to be included in the CDR based on a collaborative approach and long-term sustainability.

This Work Package is coordinated by EATRIS-ERIC and CVBF.

The reference person for this WP is Bonka Georgieva ([email protected]).