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The objective of this work package is to envisage a multidisciplinary platform on Human development to be part of the paediatric research infrastructure in Europe that will support and facilitate cross-disciplinary evaluation of drugs in children. This Platform will federate the necessary expertise and competences within both biomathematical and biological technologies.

It will then represent the site for integrating various expertise aimed to implement age appropriated technologies in drug development including:

  1. Animal and cellular models to investigate drug disposition and impact of paediatric diseases;
  2. Microdosing to reduce drug exposure in the early phases of evaluation
  3. Analytical methods adapted to low sample volumes.
  4. Human developmental pharmacology;
  5. Physiologically based PK (PBPK), pop-PK and PK/PD and modelling

The Platform will be set up in collaboration with the existing RIs and in particular EATRIS.

This Work Packaged is coordinated by AP-HP and RUMC.

The reference person for this WP is Doriana Filannino ([email protected]).

Partners Involved