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Supporting Institutions

EPTRI has received support from several Governments, National/Regional Bodies, Foundations, Patients Associations, Hospitals, Research Institutions and Universities, through letters of political support (EoS), letters of financial commitment (EoC), declarations of interest and the signature of the Memorandum of Understanding, i.e. the inter-institutional and multi-lateral agreement signed by the institutions formally involved in the EPTRI future development.

All of the Institutions supporting EPTRI will be involved in several steps of the EPTRI future development and most of them will be also aggregated in National Nodes and in Thematic Research Platforms.

The very wide partnership involved in EPTRI is based on researchers, scientists and paediatric research centres working together to accelerate the development of new and innovative paediatric medicines as well as to promote an integrated approach, fostering the paediatric translational research without creating overlapping and resources dispersion.

All of the Institutions supporting EPTRI are listed below.