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TEDDY European Network of Excellence for Paediatric Clinical Research

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TEDDY European Network of Excellence for Paediatric Clinical Research is a scientific organization arisen from the Task-force in Europe for Drug Development for the Young, a consortium funded in 2005 as TEDDY NoE (LSHB-CT-2005-005216) within the Sixth Framework Programme of the European Commission with the aim to favour the integration of the paediatric pharmacological research activities, the implementation of adequate health policies and a social awareness on the importance of the paediatric medicines across Europe covering different specialty areas (haematology, oncology, infectious diseases, respiratory diseases, intensive care, pain, endocrinology, rare diseases, neonatology). The main objective of TEDDY network is to promote research on medicinal products in children providing methodological expertise and implementing good practices, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and tools to plan, design and perform clinical studies at national and international level. Moreover, by developing ad hoc informative and educational tools, TEDDY aims to increase awareness on the topics of paediatric research and to encourage the participation of children in all the relevant experimental procedures.

At the end of the 5-years funding period, the consortium was further renewed and now TEDDY is operating as an independent multidisciplinary, multinational network including 50 members in 20 EU and non EU-countries. In June 2017 TEDDY has acquired an autonomous legal status allowing the Network to be fully represented and consolidated in the paediatric research community framework. TEDDY is a category 1 network member of Enpr-EMA, the European Network of Paediatric Research at the European Medicines Agency, and collaborates with existing paediatric networks and research organisations with the goal to promote and foster scientific and technological excellence in the paediatric research in Europe.

TEDDY in collaboration with CVBF has recently created the first Italian and Albanian Young Persons Advisory Groups (YPAGs) in Bari (named KIDS Bari) and in Tirana (KIDS Albania), within the global network iCAN (International Children’s Advisory Network).

In the framework of EPTRI project, TEDDY will be involved in WP1, 2, 3, 9 and 11 in order to:

  • contribute to the governance (WP2) and context analysis (WP3)
  • support the design of the thematic platform foreseen in WP9
  • support the activities aimed at promoting patients’ engagement (WP11).

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