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EPTRI is a distributed research infrastructure composed of more than one hundred research organisations aimed at supporting the paediatric research community, offering services, competences and expertise to increase knowledge on human ontogeny. EPTRI aims at implementing preclinical and translational research focused on paediatric medicines discovery and development, biomarkers and biosamples, developmental pharmacology, and paediatric medicines formulations. EPTRI also provides access to key technologies (from biological, technological and data science advancements) specifically implemented for or adapted to the paediatric setting.

EPTRI services are categorised in:

  • Centralised services provided by EPTRI experts of the Central Hub and partner Institutions covering regulatory, ethical and exploitation users’ needs.
  • Common services provided by EPTRI in collaboration with other Research Infrastructures.
  • Integrated services provided by the Thematic Research Platforms in EPTRI in the following fields:
    1. Paediatric Medicines Discovery
    2. Paediatric Biomarkers and Biosamples
    3. Developmental Pharmacology
    4. Paediatric Medicines Formulations

To request an EPTRI service, download the Service Request form. Fill it in all its parts to specify the request and its context. The form should be sent to the following email address: [email protected].

The information you should provide are referred to you and the Organisation you are affiliated to. Personal data will be only collected to allow the processing of the request. The information provided in the form will be available within the EPTRI Consortium for service provision purposes.

No sensitive data will be collected. For more details, the EPTRI Data Protection Policy is available here.