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National Nodes

The research centres and institutions involved in paediatric medicine research identified in the different EPTRI Thematic Research Platforms as Research Units are aggregated in each country through the establishment of National Nodes (EPTRI National Infrastructures/N-EPTRIs).

During the Preparation phase, the National Nodes are organised through the institution of a Joint Research Unit (JRU) or equivalent national associations or coordinating bodies with a coordinating Institution to globally represent each country within EPTRI.

They have a crucial role in:

  • Interconnecting Research Units involved in different field of paediatric medicine research and having different level of expertise and organisation
  • Ensuring that the EPTRI distributed Research Infrastructure is at the forefront of science and technology innovation to offer to the European paediatric research community and industry the best opportunities to stay competitive in transferring scientific discoveries into novel concepts, products and services for children’s health.
  • Supporting the integration efforts of paediatric research organisations at national and regional level, by connecting and facilitating activities not specific for a single Thematic Research Platform.
  • Defining common priorities and joint research agendas with the Central Management Office, building on the relevant Joint Programming Initiatives and input from strategic forward-looking activities.
  • Implementing joint research agendas with the Central Management Office, when possible, in collaboration with the supporting Member States and Associated Countries and the European Commission.